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INQ INQ1 Black Features

The INQ1 from operator 3 in dramatic black is a “love me or hate me” phone – there seems to be no in-between. A 3G quad-band phone, it has global roaming potential and offers high-speed internet browsing. With a 2.2" QVGA high-resolution display, the INQ1 is a solid or “candy bar” phone that feels nice and chunky in the palm: 97 x 48 x 15 mm and weighing 110g. The big feature of the INQ (pronounced “ink”) 1 is Facebook: this phone integrates your phone's address book and social networking. Sy

It uses a Web browser for some of the functionality, with the rest being tied to your address book and camera: 3G connectivity (augmented by wireless Bluetooth 2.0 and USB wired) ensures a healthy speed. There is a respectable 50 Mbytes’ internal memor

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INQ INQ1 Black

300 Minutes
300 Texts 500 Detail


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